• Eric Brunner

EARLY SYMPTOM: Lack of coordination

In the spring and summer of 2020, flat track ended up being cancelled due to Covid and we spent a lot of time playing inside. We bought a giant slide with a car for Logan’s birthday since we weren’t sure how long we would be inside for. Eric and Logan would run back and forth everyday once Eric got done with work. He would randomly just have these falls, he wouldn’t get hurt but they would come out of nowhere. We just thought it was clumsiness or maybe the floor was slippery from his socks, but in reality many people with ALS will experience lack of coordination and falls as an early symptom. The brain can’t send messages to your muscles which leads to muscle loss, but in the beginning it looks like this, muscles just not receiving the message, which leads to the fall.

I also noticed it a bit back then but just barely since Eric already is a thin guy, that his shoulders were becoming a bit more bony, as well as his forearms.

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