• Eric Brunner


As summer went on, Eric grew increasingly concerned about his lack of coordination and more importantly weakness that was only getting worse. He also began to have drop foot in his right leg, which would cause him to trip and fall (this happened more than a few times when he went for a run.) His drop foot was caused by weakness in the muscles which aid in lifting the front part of the foot up and down. He saw his primary care doctor and told him his symptoms. The doctor said “well you’re a dad which explains the tiredness and weakness, and you work at a computer, so that would make your hands tired it’s probably nothing”

Needless to say Eric left this appointment feeling disappointed and began searching for a new primary care doctor.

This also isn’t uncommon, many beginning the diagnosis journey for ALS are usually brushed off in this way. ALS definitely wasn’t in our mind yet, but Eric knew it was more than being a tired dad.

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