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May is ALS Awareness Month

May is ALS awareness month! Throughout the month of May, I will be sharing photos and videos of Eric and what his ALS diagnosis looked like. Everyone’s journey to diagnosis is different and varies in length. For Eric, it took about 10 months since the beginning of his symptoms.

It only seems fitting to share this video of Eric at the last big wedding we went to (in December of 2019) since we started ALS Awareness Month at a wedding.

If you know Eric, you know he will break dance at least once at a wedding, including our own, but who can blame him I karaoke’d Creed at our wedding. In this specific video, looking back, Eric was having trouble holding himself up by his arms/hands, we didn’t think anything of it at the time, just thought he was rusty. But in reality ALS had already started affecting his arm strength and coordination ever so slightly. It’s weird looking back, because it’s so clear to see for us, but for us back then, or people watching this video, it might be hard to spot.

Eric at the 2019 Wedding

Eric at our wedding in 2016

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