• Eric Brunner


Eric had finally found a new primary care doctor who expressed concern for his symptoms in October of 2020. Around this same time, Eric had been to the ER a number of times, because something just felt off. He had also been for a sleep study, that came back inconclusive. The next step his doctor recommended was to see a neurologist, the doctor found his regular falls and weakness concerning. Eric took this video around that time, concerned at how delayed his index finger was moving when he would try to open his hand as fast as he could. It was due to muscle loss that he just couldn’t move it as fast as he could before.

We had obviously been looking up symptoms by this point, and what they might be pointing to. Every worst case scenario pointed to ALS. We would think “I hope it’s a pinched nerve, Lyme disease, MS, even cancer.” Any of these things were better than our worst case scenario. Eric had scheduled a telemedicine appt with a neurologist at Penn, so it was just a waiting game until then.

In hindsight, it’s strange because for lots of people, it never ends up being the worse case scenario, and yet here we are living with this scenario for over two years now since symptoms onset. It is by no means easy, in fact it only gets harder, but it has challenged us to live better, and slow down.

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